The main aims of this site are to provide a species list and photographic record of the invertebrates (as well as some vertebrates and flora) found at La Suerte Field Station, Costa Rica,

It aims to show the wealth of invertebrates found within a localised area and, it is hoped, aid with future Biogeographical studies.

The La Suerte Biological Field Station is located in North-Eastern Costa Rica (longitude 10° 26' 30" N, latitude 83° 46' 15" W). The field station encompasses 700 acres, much of which lies along the Rio La Suerte. The various habitats include forests, swamps, marshes and pasture, all of which have been sampled and an inventory of the species present is being constructed. The sampling has occurred over a period of years and is currently ongoing. Due to the varied nature of the habitats, multiple sampling techniques have been employed, including pitfall traps, malaise traps, light traps, aquatic and terrestrial sweep sampling.

The site will also include photographs of unidentified species and it is hoped that visitors to the site will be able to assist in their determination. All identifications will be duly accredited of course.

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